**Repairers of the Breach, Restorers of Paths to Dwell in SDA**

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Although the domain name thusia sda.com is used, this ministry is NOT associated with the Thusia SDA church. This site was built when some of us were among the Thusia SDA church.   We have no disagreement with

the GENERAL theological concepts and doctrines that the Thusia SDA holds as ratified by the bible and the Spirit of prophecy in the writings of Ellen G. White.


Bible Prophecies


1.   The Seal of God vs  The Mark of the Beast (New)

2.   A Textual Exposition of Rev Chp. 10  (New)

3.   Two Enemies of God and Man   (New)

4.  The Two Types of Man (King of the North and King of the South)  

5.  Christian Concepts in John's Introduction in the Book of Revelation  

6.  Catastrophes that Will End the World  

7.  The Coming of Global Commuligion  

8.  Something Big is Coming    

9.  The Two Witnesses of Rev 11:3-12 

10.  The Mystery of the 144,000

11. Destruction of the Anti-Christ   

12. Two Short Essays on Prophetic Interpretation 

13. The Race For Power  (Rev 13

14. Notes on Certain Aspects of Daniel, Ezra & Nehemiah    

15. The Loud Cry of the Fourth Angel     

16. Tumultuos Events in the Time of the End 

17. John's Introduction To The Book of Revelation

18. What is Armageddon

19. The Messages of the Three Unclean Spirits 

20. The Meaning of the Sealing 

21.The Three Initiations of Satan   

22. The Problem With The U.S.A

23. Offenders of the Constitution 

24. The Mysteries of the Book of Revelation 1 

25. The Early and Latter Rain

26. Catastrophic End of the World

Comparative Studies

1.   The Pope, The Substitute Christ (New)

2,   The Real Allah of the Quran  (New)

3.   False Unity of Babylon  (New)

4.   Eleven Commandments    (New)

5.   Discrimination and Racism   

6.   The Vatican Lucifertheism  

7.   The Divination of Man in Paganism and Evangelical Theology 

8.    Classification of World Religions 

9.    The Religion God Approves of Today  

10.    Some Islamic Studies  (With Important Appendix Notes) 

11.  Evangelicals' Devilish Involvement  

12.   Sunday Holiness a Catholic Invention 

13.  Which Israel Is to Be Blessed? 

14.  Evangelicals' Jewish Sins  

15.  Embellishment Doctrines 

16.  The Pope and 666 

17.  Who Has The Truth 

18.  All Religions Do Not Serve The One True God 

19.  Destruction of the Papacy  

20.  Sunday Exaltation 

21.  The Fourth Office 

22.  The Vatican of Lucifertheism   

23.  Do Hindus Worship Idols

24.  Dispensationalism Explained

25.  Why the Need To Criticize 

 The Law of God/Sabbath

1.  Two Types of Anti-Nomianism  (New)

2.  Sunday Justification   (New)

Did Abraham Observe the Sabbath  (New)

4. Issues of Love and the Law  

5.  Catholic's Attempt to Change God's Law 

6.  John Wesley Establishes Keeping God's Law

7.  Should Christians Keep the Ceremonial   Sabbaths   

8.  The Divine Thesis  

9.   How the Early Seventh Day Sabbath Churches Were Captured

10.   Law and Grace  

11.    Grace and Love in The Bible  

12.    Standing Up for Which Sabbath?

13.    The Origin and Spread of Sunday Keeping

14.  The Eternal Realities Behind the Seventh Day Sabbath

15.   The Value of the Sabbath As a Seal

16.   Studies on the Lord's Day, Sabbath or Sunday?

 Republicanism - Rights & Freedoms

1.  Is Freedom Absolute?  (New)

2. A Thesis on Freedom of Speech  (New)

3.  Hate Speech Explained

4.  The Inalienable & Invoilable Rights of Man

5.  The Validity of the Rights Approach

6.  The Rights of Man

7.  The Doctrine of Human Rights

8.  The Civility of Toleration

9.   The Authentic Republic

10. Spiritual Freedom, Natural Freedom, Civil Freedom

11.  Rights Principles

12.  The Essence of Republicanism and Criticism

13.  Republicanism

14.  Origin of Rights and Human Dignity

15.  Personal Freedoms and Offense

16. Quotable Quotes















Seventh Day Adventism Studies

1The Sweet Bitter Experience People (New) 

2.  Origins   (New) 

3.   Laudato Si and the Torch of False Prophecy (New)

4.   The Rediscovery of the Law of God - Sabbath in Forming the Remnant Church (New) 

5The Formation of a Denominated Remnant 

6.   A Meditative Reflection on October 22nd 1844  

7.   Answering a Letter of Falsehood 

8.   Proving Justification is an Inward Change in True Adventism  

9..   Systematic Theology 

10..   Catholic and Adventist Trinity 

11.  Massive Darkness Concerning the Gospel in Adventism      

12.   Why 'Nominal' Seventh Day Adventist   Cannot Live Sinfree     

13.  The Davidian "Gospel" Investigated 

14.   Adventist False Justification  

15The Daily Re-Examined  

16.  Adventism and the Value of Voting 

17.  2520 False Prophecy Refuted 

18The God Does Not Destroyed Refuted

19The Church Manual or The Bible? Which?

20The 1888 Message

21.  The SDA Church is Departing Towards Sunday Keeping

22.  Ballenger Revived 

23Who Has The Authority In The SDA Church?

24.  Early Writings 

25Does the SDA Church Teach Actual Sinless Perfection

26.  How Does God Destroy?  

27.   Break Every Yoke!   

28.   The Wheat And The Tares - An Exposition 

29.   An Exposure of Anti Sabbath Concepts from 'Sabbath to Sunday' 

30.   The Cursed Ministry


   Science of Overcoming Sin

1.    Principles to Help us Understand Sinfreeness  (New)

2.    The Real Final Issue - Sinfreeness   (New)

3.    Reflective, Meditative Points on the Doctrine of Sinfreeness   (New)

4.    Cleansing Heavenly Things   

5.    The Real Facts About Sinfreeness  

6.    The Sinfreeness Needed for Salvation 

7.    The Rediscovery of Sinfreeness 

8.    Science of Overcoming Sin  

9.    Conversion Is Sinfreeness  

10.  Be Sinfree In the Name of Jesus 

11.  Answering Objections to Sinfree Perfection   

12.  Sinfreeness  

13.  Studies On How To Overcome Sin  

14.  Man's Purpose and Meaning 

15.  An Exposition of Romans 14

16.  Baseless Bible Critisims Answered

17.  How To Overcome Sin By Dealing With Human Nature 

18.  Are there Two Conflicting Natures

19.  PieceMeal Conquering Victory over Sin

20. Temptation Deciphered   

21.  The Obedience of Faith



 Constitutional Studies

1.  The Constitution  (New)

2.  Death Penalty Defended (New)

3.  About the Death Penalty  

4.  The Wall of Separation - The Original Intent

5.  Government, Religion and Legislation in a Republic

6.  Justice is a Rights and Freedom Respectful Relationship

7.  Know Your Constitutional Rights

8.  Religious Liberty A Constitutional Right

9.  What Wall of Separation



  Satanic Conspiracies/Pantheism

 1.     Gods with God  (New)

 2.    Egyptian Pantheistic Religion  

 3.    The Hidden God 

 4.    Nimrodism Revived  

 5.    The Deception of Afrocentricism  

 6.    Viruses of Death   

 7.    The Dumb Bicameral Mind 

 8.    The Murdered Scientists    

 9.    Why Are They Laughing   

 10A Plot To Destroy The World  

 11.  The Encirclement of the Churches

 12.   The Pagan Pantheistic Roots of the French Revolution

 13.  Advanced Studies in Pantheism   

  14. The Evils of Pantheistic Theories Bk 3









 Festivals/ Religious Holidays

1. Unwrapping the Meaning of Christmas (New) (New) 

2. The Paganism of Lent & Easter   

3. Put Christ Back Into Christmas, But He was Never There   

4.  How Babylon Makes Men Rich   

Family Life/Marriage/Sexuality

1. The Mountain of Goodness That Keeps a   Marriage  (New)

2.  So You Want To Get Married? 

3. On Sodomite Morals   

4.  Agarpic Hetero-Sexualism  

Health Reform/Veganism

1.  Vegan Diet Reform in Scripture 

Creationism vs Evolution Studies

1.   Why the Earth is not Billions Years Old 

2.   Sympathetic Functionalism  

3.   Biblical Chronology 

4.   Evolutionary Imaginary Road to Life


First Witness Studies/Old Testament

1.    Ezekiel 36:24-28 Explained  (New)

2.   First Witness Studies 

3.   About Sodom and Gomorrah  

4.   A Study in the Book of Ezra 

5.   Abraham Classifications of Pagan Religions

Yahwehtheism/Plan of Salvation

1.  The Importance of Understanding Faith (New)

2.  Father in the Bible  (New)

3.  Holiness or God Onlyness    

4   The Overriding Divine Thesis 

5.   Divine Impossibilities 

6.   Exactly What is the Gospel?  

 7. The Righteousness of God  

8.    Is the Christian's Yahweh a Tribal God  

9.   The Religion of the Bible 

10.   The Whole Earth Must Learn of the Only True God  

11.    What is Wrong with Salvation or Righteousness by Works   

12.   Notes Disproving the Forensic Gospel 

13.    A Brief Review of the Gospel of John

14.    What is the Way and Character of God

15.   What is Righteousness By Faith 

16.   Answering Some Necessary Questions 

17.    The Pattern of the Gospel 

18.    Yahwehism vs Lucifertheism  

19.    El-Doxa Light    

20.    The Miracle That Is The Bible  

21.    Look at Possible Meanings of Faith 

22.   Christ Is Our Righteousness

23.    The Real Gospel or the Counsel of God 

24.    Theo-Sociological Concepts of Divine Grace

25.    The Plan of Salvation

26.    The Science of the Gospel



1.  The Christain's Attitude in Persecution (New)

2.   The Nature of True Repentance (New)

3   The Privilege of Prayer (New)

4.   The Definition of Salvific Words in the Bible (New) 

5.   Real Change (New)

6.   How To Judge Category of Words  

7.   How Justification Relates to Innocence 

8.    Justification Re-Visited 

9.   The Splitting in Two of Justification 

10.   True and False Justification Contrasted 

11.   The Inquiry About Self Should Be?  

12.   Imputed and Imparted Righteousness

13.   Justification Proven to be Subjective 

14. The Gospel Exposed

15.  Various Theological Studies  

Christology/Messianic Image

1.   The Truth About the Death of Christ (New)

2.   What is Christianity? (New)

3.   Son of God Is God as Son  (New)

4.   What Does It Mean To Preach Christ 

5.   An Essay On Jesus and Substitution 

6.   Likeness of Sinful Flesh is Identical To Fallen Human Flesh  

7.   A Personal Relationship with God   

8.   The Real Value of the Messiah 

9.    Important Points on Jesus 


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