**Repairers of the Breach, Restorers of Paths to Dwell in SDA**





a.    The circle of grace:  The complete love of God.  His grace of salvation towards mankind through  Jesus Christ (Eph 2:7,8; Tit  2:11,12).


b.    The cross of Christ:  This identifies the suffrage of death and the gift of life (blood) given by Jesus Christ on the cross on our  behalf (because of sin). (Phil 2:8; Heb 2:9; Col 1:20).


c.    The four quarters of the earth:  It is for the whole earth that God gave His Son - Jesus Christ (Jn  3:16).


d.    The Dove of the Holy Spirit:  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth that is of God and Christ and is to be in the true Christians (1Jn 5:6; Jn 14:26).


e.    The Olive Branch of Peace:  This is the peace of God and Christ (that is in the minds of those who  repent and  believe the gospel which gives peace  (Eph 6:15; Rom 5:1).


f.     The Alpha and Omega:  This refers to YHWH as the only true God who is eternal and that His only manifestation is seen in Jesus Christ who is also the eternal YHWH in the flesh (Isa 43:6; Rev 1:11,17,18).


g.     The Bible:  The Word of God:  The Old and New Testament or preferably the First and Second    Witness, are the only source whereby an accurate knowledge of the True YHWH and salvation is gained.  God Himself gave it to holy men (2Tim 3:16,17).


h.     7.7.7 Perfection:  As God is perfect love in nature as the Creator and Savior, He desires to make  us perfect, which is without sin, through Jesus Christ our Savior (Matt 5:48; Heb 13:21; 1Jn 3:9).


i.      8.8.8 Victory:  This is the hope that we can achieve only by the faith that is in Jesus Christ, who  has had complete victory over Satan and sin (Heb 2:14;  1Jn 5:4,5).


 J.    The Shield of Faith:  This is the revealed truths of Jesus Christ that is in the true believer of Christ.  The faith is our defense against the evil attacks that  Satan uses (Rom 10:17; Eph 6:16).


k.     The Law of God:  This is the center of ethics and idealistic morals in the Christian way of life.  The law perfectly reveals God's nature of love (Eccl 12:13; Ps 119:172; Jer 23:9).


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